Our Work

This is how we’re bringing gender equality to life. Together. By putting women’s needs centre stage

Change needs to happen at all levels, in all areas of society. In the UK and around the world

Gender inequality is an issue anywhere women are. Gender inequality is an issue everywhere.

By taking action at all levels, in all areas, we’re always progressing. Through corporates, communities and governments.

When one area stalls, another moves forwards. Gender equality moves one step closer.

The power of co-creation: each programme is designed alongside our partners (and you)

Each UN Women UK programme has been carefully designed to progress gender equality in a key area of society.

But we didn’t design them alone. They contain the voices, experiences and concerns of our partners, stakeholders and community members (people just like you). It’s a collaborative approach, with co-creation at the heart of what we do.

We firmly believe that every voice deserves to be heard, every voice matters. We bring that to life through our work in every way possible.

Take a look at how we’re moving towards gender equality here in the UK, whilst supporting our UN partners overseas


Safe Spaces Now

A unique programme making every UK space safer for every woman. Now.

The Unstereotype Alliance


A thought and action platform that seeks to eradicate harmful stereotypes from all media and advertising content.



An invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women.

You can help us fast-forward to gender equality

Every donation you make gives us the flexibility to act fast when a crisis strikes, showing up for women when they need support the most.

Be part of the change.