Your UN Women UK Community

A free digital home, where passionate ideas become intentional actions

With a 300-year wait for gender equality, there’s so much to do it can feel overwhelming

You’re not the only one who feels lost in the sea of action, petition, decision that comes with anxiety over the state of gender equality

Every day, we see another story that shows how equality for women is reducing. Whether it’s here in the UK or across the globe, it often feels like work in women’s rights is overlooked

Now is not the time for complacency. Change needs to happen. But how?

Together for gender equality

International Women's Day: photo of UN Women UK Executive Director, Tabitha Morton, speaks to an audience of people.

What if there was a place where feminists felt at home?

Where you could connect and collaborate with people who share your values?

Where you could create meaningful change that makes a real difference to our world?

A community’s a powerful place. It’s even more powerful when it’s built around a common purpose

Somewhere you can connect with like-minded people. Use your voice on an urgent issue. Discover fresh ways to create meaningful progress

When you want to take action

When you want to make it count

When you want to see a change

A community can connect you with the right people to do that

Step inside The Community from UN Women UK

We’re in this together. The Community is where change begins

Inside, you’ll find support for your concerns. Actions for your ideas. Co-created solutions for each problem

It’s a space where you’ll feel supported, listened to, heard and understood. Whilst following the unique co-creation approach that runs through all our UN Women UK programmes

As a Community member, you’ll contribute to change and solutions just as much as our team members do. We’re designing the future of gender equality together. And you’re invited

Build new connections in a space that can, all too often, feel isolating and lonely


Stand in solidarity with your fellow members


Find support for your fears and concerns


Network with your like-minded peers


Act collectively through our campaigns Co-create your own projects and solutions Raise awareness through informed knowledge-sharing

365 days of impact. From one online home

The Community was designed to create a ripple effect of change. It started with our first digital delegation to CSW (the Commission on the Status of Women) in 2022

The reaction was phenomenal, with thousands of you joining us to engage in sessions online from the comfort of your homes across the UK. But we didn’t want the impact to end when CSW was over

Enter: The Community

This is a (free) space for change, open 365 days a year. Where you can connect and network with one another but also with us. In short, the platform creates a ripple effect of change


A screenshot of the UN Women UK Community App, showing a dashboard with an illustration of women's faces in profile in the centre of the screen.

Free to join. Any time, any day
From wherever you are in the UK.

Here’s what you’ll find inside your new digital home:

? A dedicated app, where you can network, create connections and discuss the future of women’s rights with people who are just as passionate as you are

? Monthly community calls, with behind-the-scenes updates from UN Women UK team members and opportunities to get even more involved

? A community book club, where we read and discuss a hand-picked book each month

? Access to exclusive events, such as the annual Commission on the Status of Women, private community workshops and plenty more

It’s free to join. And you’re very welcome to join, try it out and then leave at any time if it’s not your thing. We’re a warm and welcoming group, and we can’t wait to meet you!

What will you love about the Community?

“Being part of a community of great people who want to bring about change for the better.” “Thanks for being a great organisation and network. I am always wanting to do more and the real access supporters to support in other ways through the networks established by Atonte are brilliant.” “Just thanks for the work you do and for encouraging the community of others to take part as best they can.”

The strength of the Community lies with you, its members

Join for free

Connect from wherever you are in the UK

Get involved as much (or as little) as you want

Dip in and out as you need to

Feel supported when you need it

Meet like-minded people

Feel a sense of togetherness

Discover the power of collective change

Be united by one mission

Accelerate UN Women’s agenda

Co-create solutions to make gender equality happen