UN Women UK Awards

The UN Women UK Awards are back!

Join us on 15th November 2023 to celebrate,

get inspired to create a change & help bring gender equality one step closer!


If we continue down this path, UN Women puts gender equality at 300 years away


But there is hope. And that’s why we’re here

Here at UN Women UK we’re on a mission to ensure that every woman and girl has access to safety, choice and a voice. Both here in the UK and around the world.

How are we doing that? By taking action at every level of society. From governments to corporations. Companies to communities. Partners to people.

That’s where the Awards (and you) come in.

UN Women UK Awards Ceremony: an evening of inspiration, hope and empowerment

This year’s event promises to be an unforgettable evening celebrating the progress we’ve made whilst inspiring new plans for the future. 

We come together to recognise the individuals and organisations that are bringing gender equality closer. Whilst welcoming inspiration into our own lives, with stories, ideas and fresh motivation to take home, into the workplace and into your communities.

You too can join us in taking action, at every level.

Once these are gone, feel free to join the waitlist below and we’ll let you know if one becomes available.

If you can’t come along on the 15th November but still want to take part, you can buy a ‘Pay It Forward’ ticket, which we will give to somebody who can’t afford their own ticket.

By joining us, you’re making a big difference to women in need.

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