The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on UN Women


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When we asked our supporters to design 150 solutions for gender equality as part of our Safe Spaces Now programme, an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on gender equality was one of the outcomes

The APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on UN Women was launched in September 2020

The group brings together representatives from across political parties and divides to explore our collective progress towards gender equality and the impact UN Women can make

The APPG on UN Women serves as a parliamentary platform to address the urgent need to tackle the disproportionate burdens carried by women and girls

The APPG for UN Women brings together MPs and members of the House of Lords to unite across party divides towards a shared goal: gender equality

The group meets three to four times each year to drive policy change and bring stakeholder groups together to take action in pursuit of three goals:

  1. Design game-changing solutions for women’s safety in cities and public spaces across the UK
  2. ‘Build back better’ for women and girls in the UK post-COVID-19, based on UN Women’s global recommendations
  3. Accelerate progress on gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK in the lead-up to their deadline of 2030

Meet the members of the APPG on UN Women


Baroness Sandy Verma
Dame Maria Miller (Conservative)
Jess Philips (Labour)

They’re joined by


Liz Saville-Roberts | Plaid Cymru

Hannah Bardell | Scottish National Party

Julie Elliott | Labour

Laura Farris | Conservative

Sarah Champion | Labour

Theo Clarke | Conservative


We are currently recruiting members and would welcome interest from all parties, including from male allies!

Please get in touch if you’re an MP and would like to be involved.

Take a look behind the scenes at a typical year with the APPG on UN Women

? MPs and Parliamentarians attend CSW (the Commission on the Status of Women) in March

✏️ APPG members will support the UK mission to CSW in reviewing the text ahead of next year’s CSW

? A team of MPs and Parliamentarians will host an event to help combat violence against women in line with 16 Days of Activism in November

? APPG members host members of our CSW Working Groups to share their findings in January

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