An invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women

To create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality

HeForShe is about having the courage of conviction, action and leadership to change the status quo for good

If nothing changes, we’re looking at a 300-year wait for gender equality. Without a collective effort to change this, no one alive today will live to experience gender equality.

We need to bring that timeline forward.

We need action at all levels, in all areas of society to do it. Which means creating the space for men to do their part in accelerating equality, through male allyship. Welcome to HeForShe.

The expected post-pandemic recovery hasn’t materialised

Women were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Yet they still haven’t regained pre-pandemic levels of employment and income, a status which is even more apparent when looking at those belonging to vulnerable groups.

The rate of progress towards gender equality is stalling. There are even some concerns that it could halt altogether.

Equal representation in the political, public and private sectors is essential for gender equality. Yet women make up just 14% of Heads of State

Three women and a man sit at a trestle table in front of a wooden backdrop that reads '#HeForShe Impact Summit'

When women are represented equally, policies are shaped with all members of society in mind. Communities are built to serve all those who live within them. Businesses are representative of the clients and customers they serve.

Yet, we’ve got a long way to go before we come close to achieving that level of equality.

Women make up just 14% of Heads of State or Governments. Only 15% of Fortune 500 CEOs identify as female. A mere 9% of senior sports coaching positions are held by women. Whilst just one in three managers and supervisors are female.

At the same time, gender stereotypes are hampering progress. As the world increasingly becomes more digital, women and girls are falling further behind. Held back by stereotypes and cultural norms.

All genders benefit from gender equality.

Fathers are able to play a bigger role in their children’s lives. Enabling anyone, of any gender, to pursue any career they choose.

Patriarchal masculinities cease to exist. Removing the academic challenges, negative stereotypes and health challenges, including substance abuse and suicide, faced by men and boys each day.

Finally, economic, social and education equality improves. Leading to reductions in violence against women and girls.

Equality is for everyone.

We all win.

The UK’s gender pay gap was 8.3% in 2022, an increase from 7.7% in 2021

Three women and two men sit on a panel in front of an audience. The screen behind them reads: 'Disrupting Bias in Artificial Intelligence'

HeForShe exists to move the data in a positive direction. Towards gender equality.

The HeForShe movement was launched in 2013 by Ban-Ki Moon and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson.

“With the engaged allyship of men and boys, we are powerfully united in addressing inequality. I see this strength in all the leaders at the HeForShe Summit, who are acting as inspiring agents of change in their fields.”

Sima Bahous, UN Under-Secretary-General & Executive Director, UN Women

Gender equality isn’t just for women It’s for everyone. We all win.

HeForShe is a platform for men to take action and tackle the obstacles that block the realisation of women’s and girls’ rights

Together, we’re shortening the wait for gender equality


Over three million commitments worldwide Global change – from creating gender balance on boards to outlawing child marriage in Malawi Giving men and boys everywhere the tools to act for gender equality

The UK’s HeForShe Alliance brings together the country’s most ambitious leaders to accelerate progress towards gender equality

Learning from each other and exploring ways we can collectively do better

A presentation given in a lecture theatre at a Policing event for HeForShe

Because companies that achieve genuine cultural inclusion perform better on revenue, profitability and market value.

Companies without an inclusive culture see a 50% decline in employee engagement.

Tackling the root causes of gender inequality. From unfair gender roles to normalised violence and the undermining of women and girls Challenging negative masculinities. With positive role models, whilst embodying inclusive leadership Creating a bold platform. With scalable solutions for gender equality’s most pressing challenges

‌HeForShe isn’t just about engaging men

Male allyship is essential. Yet, we couldn’t do it without women.

Women are the beneficiaries of HeForShe but they’re also the champions. They have the knowledge, understanding and experience of the complex psychological, emotional and cultural nuances of their communities.

Women are a vital part of HeForShe.

The UK HeForShe Alliance Chapter is a unique and intimate network of brands, and political and public leaders, each bringing deep sector-specific expertise

Step one – find your benchmark

When you join HeForShe, we’ll use the Women’s Empowerment Principles to assess where your organisation currently stands

Step two – make positive changes, with UN Women UK as your consultants

Together, we’ll pick two to three key areas to work on. Then, UN Women UK acts as your consultant. With a tailored action plan to improve gender equality across your organisation and beyond

Step three – support a gender-equal future

Your membership fees cover our HeForShe work, whilst also being shared with our global UN Women programmes. You’ll receive regular updates on this work and its impact.