Volunteer with UN Women UK

A big thank you! It’s people like you who bring fresh ideas to our organisation, help campaigns come to life and keep the cogs of our work moving in the right direction

This is how we bring gender equality closer. Together.

We now publish all our volunteer roles inside our free digital Community

It’s there you’ll find opportunities like:

⛺ Creating safe spaces as a Guardian Angel at festivals across the UK

?Planning our next big event, the UN Women UK Awards

? Joining our 16 Days of Activism Ideathon to stand up to violence against women

The UN Women UK Community is your space to connect and collaborate with people who share your values. While creating meaningful change that makes a real difference to our world.

Take a look around The Community

A screenshot of the UN Women UK Community App, showing a dashboard with an illustration of women's faces in profile in the centre of the screen.

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Community

? A dedicated app, where you can network, create connections and discuss the future of women’s rights with people who are just as passionate as you are

? Monthly community calls, with behind-the-scenes updates from UN Women UK team members and opportunities to get even more involved

? A community book club, where we read and discuss a hand-picked piece of feminist literature

? Access to exclusive events, such as the annual Commission on the Status of Women, private community workshops and plenty more


You’ll also be added to our email community, where you’ll get the latest UN Women UK research, stories and campaign details sent straight to your inbox.