Briefing Club

Get up-to-the-minute in-person briefings direct from UN Women operations on the ground

Join us each month for trusted intelligence and behind-the-scenes access to key issues on gender equality

This is your space for open dialogue, questions and connections whilst we take a deep dive into urgent issues from the world of gender equality and explore topics in an unbiased solutions-oriented way



Each month, Briefing Club members meet in person for a one-hour Breakfast Briefing

Together, we explore a key international issue alongside a relevant UK topic. When you want to know what’s happening overseas but also want to understand the state of gender equality here in the UK, the Briefing Club fills that gap

There’s no bias or secondary motive. Instead, you get direct access to timely and topical information, straight from UN Women’s operations on the ground

You’ll be moved by the stories, motivated by the data and inspired by the solutions. Our goal is to show you exactly how we can make a change. Together. For good.

The Women’s Emergency Fund

Your membership ensures aid gets to the women and girls who need it, fast.

The Women’s Emergency Fund makes funding available that can be rapidly channelled to UN Women’s teams on the ground supporting the women and girls who need it most urgently. When a crisis happens, it allows us to get immediate support to women and girls on the ground. Donors play a part in directing funds to where they are most urgently needed during crises disproportionately affecting women and girls around the world – whether that be climate-related disasters, conflict resulting in gender-based violence, or poverty and disease threatening women’s ability to survive. 

  • £240 can provide post-rape medical care and continued support services to three survivors of sexual violence in conflict
  • £1,280 can serve as startup capital for five displaced women heads of households to rebuild and sustain their livelihoods to support their families post-crisis
  • £8,500 can provide psychosocial support sessions for 240 vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian refugee women.

Funds raised will not only provide emergency support during crises, but will also help women and girls to rebuild their lives for the long term, so that they can play a role in creating longer-lasting peace and prosperity. 

As a Briefing Club member, you’re privy to up-to-the-minute information about global and national crises and developing humanitarian situations that are adversely affecting women

Once a month, we share trusted intelligence from the UN’s operations on the ground in countries such as Afghanistan, Türkiye, Syria and Ukraine. As well as information about policy discussions taking place closer to home relating to women’s safety in the home, workplace and public.

Briefing Club is for you if you:

  • Are an individual or organisation with humanitarian interests
  • Wish to engage with qualified data and insights on global situations
  • Are equally concerned about the state of gender equality in the UK
  • Want to know how you can take action, share information and progress towards equality for all
  • Want to connect and network with fellow passionate people


After each briefing, you’ll receive a digital brief recapping the session, as well as access to key reports issued throughout the year.

Timely briefs facilitating timely action on the ground

Individual membership: £1,000/year

Corporate membership: £3,000/year, granting access for two colleagues per session

The launch of Briefing Club in 2023 enabled us to create the UN Women UK Women’s Emergency Fund

Your membership fees directly support the fund, allowing us to rapidly respond to developing crises, supporting women when and where they need it the most

Join us for a sample Briefing Club session

So far, our Briefing Club members have been briefed on topics such as:

  • A Spotlight on Two Hurdles to Women’s Economic Empowerment in The Caribbean & UK
  • The Biggest Event in the Women’s Rights Calendar: The Commission on the Status of Women
  • The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023: The Role of Ukrainian Women in Crisis Recovery
  • Women and the Environment: Pakistan Underwater & UK Air Pollution
  • The 78th meeting of the UN General Assembly. Where do we stand with Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Sustainability when we look through a gendered lens?

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