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UN Women UK research, commissioned with YouGov, shows that over 7 in 10 women in the UK experience sexual harassment.
Just 3% of women aged 18-24 told us they hadn’t experienced any of the behaviours we asked about, from having aggressive comments shouted at them, to violent assault.

And over 95% of women aren’t reporting it because they don’t believe it will change anything.

Every woman has a story. All too often we hear the account of the disappearance of a woman just trying to get home safely. And now, we have a moment to change this.

With our community – we have designed an end to end solution to make public spaces safer for women. Through behavioural change workshops, and policy change we’re working to make this a reality.

We will not rest until this is done.

We need your support. We are a charity and our work is entirely funded by donations. We need you to take action.

Please donate.

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