CSW67 Working Group from UN Women UK: Choice

Intersectional Feminist Data & AI Literacy Campaign


Choice to know. Choice to react.
Data is the new oil, concentrating wealth and power in the few hands that control data processes


The result? A significant power imbalance, leading to the exploitation of marginalised people.

Those who hold data hold influence. While others are left to deal with the consequences of this disparity. 

When we add artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix, we face a double-edged sword. AI brings so much potential for society but it also reflects and amplifies the inequalities that already exist. It perpetuates biases.

From the unnoticed biases in the algorithms that suggest our newsfeeds, to the invisible hand guiding decision-making in sectors like healthcare and employment, our society is increasingly steered by AI systems.

The Choice group envisions a just and equitable digital society that is empowered to understand, interact with and criticise the prevailing data and algorithmic decision systems that influence our lives.

Their mission is to enhance critical data and AI literacy skills by leveraging feminist literacy principles. So society can understand the consequences of these systems, whilst promoting active female participation in a “datafied” society.

There are three main hurdles standing between us and true choice over how our data is handled:


There’s an imbalance of knowledge of data and AI practices

Most communities lack the understanding of how their data is used, stored and shared in data-driven algorithmic systems.

Data and AI are mistakenly believed to be neutral systems

AI is typically accepted without criticism, ignoring its role in reinforcing biases and stereotypes.

AI has rapidly been integrated into our daily lives, with unseen consequences

The rapid use of AI races ahead of our grasp of its potential impacts, leaving certain groups at increased risk of harm.

Empowering communities through education: this is how the Choice group is changing the data narrative
The digital campaign


Creative literacy: The Choice group are using memes and visual narratives to simplify AI and data concepts for wider audiences

User-generated content: They’re running online challenges to promote community content creation and interactive learning

Inclusive public dialogues: The group is hosting discussions with AI and data justice experts to amplify diverse voices and grow community knowledge

The educational programme


Collaborative materials: The group is partnering with academics and creatives to produce diverse and accessible learning resources

Certified training: The Choice group will offer community training sessions to expand AI and data literacy

Volunteer outreach: They’ll be working with trained volunteers to expand community data knowledge

Three core ingredients to empower marginalised groups to make an informed choice about their data:


Educational Empowerment

Bridging the gap in understanding data and the algorithmic systems that form AI outcomes.

Intersectional Feminist Curricula

Acknowledging the importance of addressing the intersecting oppressions and privileges that women experience.

Simplification and Outreach

Demystifying AI and data concepts, making them accessible and approachable beyond tech circles.

Meet the team bringing Choice to life, post CSW67


The team is united by a passionate shared commitment to Choice. From Sinem Görücü’s drive in leading the project to Jennifer Orji’s administrative prowess, Aurelia Le Frapper’s skill in forging partnerships and Bethan Neil’s innovative product development strategies, each member brings unique strengths.

Their excitement and dedication are the heartbeat of the campaign.

Project Coordinator: Sinem Görücü

Project Administration: Jennifer Orji

Research Coordinator: TBC

Product Development and Communications & PR Coordinator: Beth Neil

Partnerships Coordinator: Aurelia Le Frapper

They are supported by:

Gurpreet Kaur

Baiba Žiga

Nicola Martin

Swapnil Dhoke

Lara Brett

Aishwarya Lakshmi

Sugya Rijal

Chidinma Ibemere

Cleo Cosens

Katie Stamp

Francisca Beloso

Hannah Nazri

Julie Hammond

Bolanle Oyediran



You can help ensure that every community has the choice to know and the choice to react


1. Participate in and share the campaign

Join our online campaigns. Your active participation and the sharing of our content will help bring the message of Choice to even more communities

2. Educational collaboration

We’re looking for partnerships to help us create diverse and accessible educational resources. Collaborating academically or creatively can help expand the reach and effectiveness of our educational programmes.

3. Volunteer and community engagement

Volunteers play a crucial role in spreading knowledge at the community level.

You can become a certified volunteer to help share critical data and AI literacy skills. Or, engage with our community outreach efforts to encourage a broader understanding of these issues.