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Hello! Thanks for stopping by our Safe Spaces festival tent this summer ⛺

You can help more Safe Spaces happen by sharing a coffee with us each month (plus, a special thank-you gift, exclusively for festival goers)

Over 7 in 10 women in the UK experience sexual harassment. And 95+% of women aren’t reporting it because they don’t believe it will change anything

Every woman has a story. What if they had a safe space to share it? 

Or, what if it didn’t happen in the first place? What if women could do what they choose, be who they are and go where they want, without the fear of harassment?

You’ve seen now that Our Safe Spaces Now campaign is a world-first blueprint for an end-to-end safe festival. So far, we’ve reached over 340,000 festival-goers and trained hundreds of Guardian Angels and festival staff to turn each event into a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

But Safe Spaces aren’t just for summer festivals. You’ll find us working with taxi companies, on public transport, in organisations and in online spaces all year round. 

Because we have to act now.

Festival exclusive: join the Donor Network by 31st August and receive a limited edition UN Women UK travel coffee cup as a thank you. Designed to help you spark a new conversation about Safe Spaces (whilst bringing them to life).

Now you can help make Safe Spaces available to everyone in the UK

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Your monthly donation will help bring Safe Spaces Now to life here in the UK. So we can finally stop sexual harassment in its tracks. 

When you send us your coffee each month, with a £4+ monthly donation (the average price of a coffee), we send you:

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Plus: your limited edition UN Women UK travel coffee cup, exclusively for festival goers when you join the Donor Network by 31st August!


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