Lakwena Maciver - Lift You Higher

Following two sold-out years, UN Women UK presents a new limited edition by Lakwena Maciver “Lift You Higher” for its third annual installment of THE ART OF EMPOWERMENT.

Maciver’s bold and polychromatic work is informed by the use of decoration as a means of communication. Words and text are central to her art, used as both images and anchors of meaning – drawing upon her formative years in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, and her native city, London.

Lakwena says “my work is informed by decoration as both an aesthetic and conceptual practice. Much of Western culture is centred around the decoration, elevation, improvement and glory of the self. As well as decorating ourselves, as a culture we decorate and give glory to those we deem important because they are perhaps beautiful, intelligent, famous or wealthy. This piece is about elevating and glorifying the other. As women, we are often encouraged to compare and compete with one another. In contrast, this textile work references the history of (often) women co-labouring to adorn and beautify collective spaces.”

All proceeds from this work will go to support UN Women UK’s Covid Response work, which provides emergency humanitarian support and ongoing community resilience for the world’s worst-affected families and communities during the crisis.

Lakwena Maciver
89cm x 118cm (dimensions approximate as each item is unique)
Hand-dyed and stitched cotton appliqué, sequins, lined with cotton on the reverse
Edition of 30 plus 2 APs

Signed by artist and numbered in verso


Every purchase of this work makes a huge difference to our work, ensuring women are safe, economically empowered and societally equal in the aftermath of the Covid crisis.

Editions are available at £3,000 GBP each + 2% card fees.

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Lakwena Maciver creates painted prayers and meditations which respond to and re-appropriate elements of popular culture. Exploring the role of the artist as mythmaker, with their use of acid-bright colour and bold typographic text, her paintings act as a means of decolonisation, subtly subverting prevailing mythologies. Her approach is instinctive and autodidactic, producing visceral, rhythmic and immersive panel paintings, iconic murals and installations.
Challenging both the external and the internalised voice of mass media, Lakwena has created works in the public realm internationally, from installations at Tate Britain, Somerset House, Facebook and the Southbank Centre in London, to a juvenile detention centre in Arkansas, a monastery in Vienna, and the Bowery Wall in New York City.