2019 Edition - Jadé Fadojutimi

Jadé Fadojutimi Clustering Thoughts photograph

For the second year of the programme, we invited acclaimed artist Jadé Fadojutimi to create her first textile edition for us titled ‘Clustering Thoughts’. Inspired by concepts of identity construction and the restraints placed upon us by both society and ourselves, layers of ribbon and fabric emerge to create an emotive abstraction.

All proceeds from this work benefitted our work creating safe spaces for women and girls.

Jadé Fadojutimi
Clustering Thoughts, 2019
112 x 159 cm (44.1 x 62.6 in)
Cotton, silk viscose velvet, organza ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, velvet ribbon, cotton cord, & embroidery, hand-dyed and stitched on linen
Edition of 30 plus 2 APs
Signed by artist in verso



Jadé Fadojutimi UN Women UK

Artist Jadé Fadojutimi’s painting practice interrogates the construction and constraints of identity, whilst offering a space for individual liberation. Responding to personal experience, the artist layers veils of colour with rhythmic, gestural brushstrokes and at times scrapes the paint back, building exhilarating, immersive environments where forms on the cusp of recognition dissolve into abstraction.

Jadé Fadojutimi says: “My first textile piece, Clustering Thoughts, has allowed me to work with a medium that has sparked my curiosity for a while. I believe in the power of colour, the power of thought and the will to express and converse through any medium that spurs you into conversation, whether that be with yourself, your surroundings, or the people around you. This is similar to what ‘UN Women UK’ is doing with the ‘Safe Spaces Now’ initiative. Change can emerge from envisioning and empowering an idea you believe in and putting it into action. It’s incredibly exciting to have worked on this piece for such an important cause, which has enabled me to breathe life through fabric and thread. Thought propels change..”