Safe Spaces in music - the pledge

If you are a venue, festival or organisation, sign this pledge to show your commitment to creating change in your space and we will be in touch about including you further in the campaign.

Our space is special. Our space is inclusive. Our space champions the rights of all people who pass through it – including all women, girls, and marginalised genders – and we will always protect them, whether they are here to work, listen, dance or play.

Our space is a place of respect and equality. Our space is no place for abuse, violence or harassment of any form. As curators and protectors of our space, we do not tolerate any behaviours that threaten or discriminate against people with whom we share it. 

We acknowledge our responsibility to make our space safe for women, girls, and marginalised genders, and in turn for all those who use and enjoy it. We are proactive in preventing harm, and in ensuring our space is forever improving on safety standards.  

With a shared love of music and culture, and a shared respect for each other, we will work together – workers, performers, and consumers alike – to create safer spaces for everyone.

Make your commitment here