A Safe Space

The gallery is now LIVE! Scroll down to see it…


Our virtual gallery of original artworks, exploring a safer reality for women and marginalised people launches here on Friday 2nd April.

We are so excited to welcome you in the virtual doors to see this incredible project come to life. If you like it, please share with your friends and tag us on social media @UNWomenUK.

The gallery is free to attend, but we ask that if you are able, you support us by making a donation in return for a copy of the gallery brochure. You can donate here.

Instructions for viewing the gallery

Below, you will find the virtual gallery.
This will work best if you can view it from a laptop or tablet (if you’re using a phone, click the ‘continue’ button on your phone if it says this device is unsupported).

Click the icon that looks like four corners of a square in the top left-hand corner to go full-screen.
You will need to give the gallery a few minutes to load as there are lots of multimedia works inside.
Sound on! Some of the pieces are audio and video, so you’ll want to listen if you are able.

Move around the gallery as you would on Google Street View – you can click somewhere else on the floor to move your ‘footprints’ to where you want to go, click on the walls and drag to turn around, and when you click on each piece of art, you will see information about the artist and the piece.

You will start in the first area, called A Safe Space. These original artworks commissioned especially for this exhibition, reimagining public spaces such that women, girls and marginalised groups are able to be truly free, and exploring the ways we can get there.

Then, you move through the corridor which is called Middle Ground. The passage between the two main sections of the gallery includes original audio compositions exploring the themes of safer public spaces. It’s also where you can step ‘outside’ to take time out and reflect, if you want to.

Before finishing in the third area, Voices of Protest. These are creations from the community, speaking out against injustice and the way the world currently works for women. This section of the gallery includes photography, protest banners, original songs, and poetry.

Please note there are content warnings for the Voices of Protest area – there is some strong language and imagery of sexual harassment used in this area of the gallery – as well as the captions on Eliza Hatch’s photography area, only seen when you click on each photo to read the stories of the individuals featured.

For directions to helplines you can reach out to if you need support, click on the orange telephone at the entrance to the gallery (next to the information about the works).

Click on the audio and video pieces to hear them. You can leave these playing as you move around and look at the other pieces, if you like.

Around the gallery, guests will also find interactive objects allowing them to support the charitable work of UN Women UK ending sexual harassment and violence, by purchasing a poetry anthology, Poets Versus Sexual Harassment, or submit their own creations and stories in response to the brief.

Please consider purchasing the souvenir brochure and making a donation to support our work.

Download a souvenir exhibition brochure


Click here to get your own printable souvenir exhibition brochure, with information about the project, the artists, and more.

We ask you to make a donation of your choice if you enjoyed the exhibition. The suggested price is £15. We are a charity whose only income is donations, and 100% of what you pay will help support our Safe Spaces Now project.

Please give whatever you would pay to see an art exhibition in person, to help support the project.

Share your reflections and creations with us

To find out more about the project this gallery is part of, click here to go back to the Safe Spaces Now project page.