Make our public spaces safer. Now.

International Women’s Day is about change. In 2022, make a real difference by helping make our public spaces safe.

On 10th March 2021, we released a report revealing the prevalence of sexual harassment across the UK – only 3% of 18-24 year-olds had told us they weren’t being harassed. This data was made up of your stories, of what you’ve experienced, and it was shared so many times that it reached over 1 Billion people online.

In the past year, you have helped UN Women UK’s small charity team shape a national conversation, and your ideas have already started making change at music festivals, with taxi companies, and in online spaces. Now, this International Women’s Month, it’s not just a time for celebration – it’s a time for change. 

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Safe Spaces Now

Imagine a world...

What would you do?

Based on 10 years of creating safer public spaces around the world, and together with you, over the past 3 months we’ve designed 150 solutions for change. We just took them to Parliament and asked the UK’s leaders to take action.

Now, we are working to bring these ideas into a reality – bringing together Government, local authorities, public services and transport providers.

Are you with us?

The Situation Now

Over 70%
of women in the UK say they have experienced sexual harassment in public

Only 3%
of women aged 18-24 told us they had not experienced any of the behaviours we asked about

This is a global issue – almost 9 in 10
women in some cities around the world feel unsafe in public spaces

Every 10 Minutes
somewhere in the world an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence.

And the systems in place to reduce violence and harassment ARE NOT WORKING.

Only 4% of women told us they reported the incidents of harassment to an official organisation – with 45% of women saying they didn’t believe reporting would help change anything.

We have to act now.

Data from YouGov Survey of over 1,000 women, commissioned by UN Women UK in January 2021.

Read the full data in the report by the APPG for UN Women, or find out more about the APPG over on our APPG page here.

Safe spaces in music

Read our open letter, signed by artists, festivals and labels, calling for the return of live music to be made safer.

Safe Spaces gallery


We’ve brought artists together to influence culture through creativity.

Our virtual gallery, ‘A Safe Space’, is now live – made up of a huge number of specially commissioned artworks and community submissions in mixed media.

Reimagining a safe and free world for women, girls and marginalised groups.