Safe Spaces Now design session

Thank you so much for agreeing to take part in our Safe Spaces Now digital design session.

This session consists of two parts that will help inform our presence on the ground, working with festivals and nightlife venues to improve safety and inclusion within their spaces.
This should take you around 15-20 minutes, but you are welcome to spend longer if you like.

This survey data will be anonymised, and anything you want to tell us about demographics is only for our internal research.

Please be aware: sexual harassment is a continuum of violent practices that is not only cat-calling: it can take many forms including unwanted touching, being followed, having images taken without consent, and r*pe.

As you’re taking part in this session, if you find anything triggering or upsetting, you can close the survey at any time. You can also speak to someone for support at Samaritans by calling 116 123 or texting SHOUT to 85258 at any time. If you’re not in the UK, click here for local helplines.

Read this first

Part 1


In this section, you’ll find a link to an interactive whiteboard where you’ll be able to provide real time feedback on your experience of safe spaces in festivals/nightclubs.

As you go through our visual activity thinking about experiences at festivals and/or nightlife venues, think about:

  • What are the problems and gaps in terms of the way these spaces are built, and how people behave within them?
  • What information or tools do you wish you had?
  • What differences would you like to see in others’ behaviour?


Part 2


In this section, we’ll ask you some further questions about the changes you’d like to see. There will be the option to provide your answers via voice note here, should you wish to do so. If at any time you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us by email at safespacesnow[at]

Scroll down to get started!

Part 1: Explore


Click ‘See the board’ to get started – you might need to give the board a few seconds to load.
There are instructions within the board. To zoom in and out, use a scroll button, pinch the screen, or click in the bottom right corner of the window.
This works better on laptop than mobile devices – if you’d prefer to use the private text survey below this window to share your ideas, that’s fine too.

Part 2: Reflect



Thank you so much for being part of this ongoing journey to make the UK’s public spaces safer and more inclusive. We can’t wait to share the outcomes of our activities at upcoming festivals and nightlife venues with you.