Resilience and leadership in a crisis


Our next virtual event with special guests Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Jada Sezer and Katie Piper will approach the qualities that has led women leaders to succeed during the Covid crisis, and ways in which we can all dig deep and remain resilient in turbulent times. Scroll down for further details.

This event is ‘pay what you can’: we’re suggesting a minimum donation that can allow us to provide one night in a refuge with food, hygiene and psychological support. However if you don’t feel able to make a contribution at this time, you can enter 0 in the payment box.


Suggested price: £20.00



Resilience and leadership in a crisis

Our third virtual event explores staying strong in the midst of a crisis: from the behaviours that have led women heads of state to be the most successful at containing Covid, to the tools and tactics we can use to stay strong for our colleagues, our families and ourselves. Collectively, our panellists have published on and encountered resilience in a variety of ways in their own lives, and will share their insights at our intimate event.

Your donation


The funds we raise through the virtual series will go towards our Covid Response Fund, which provides cash-for-work, period products and food for women struggling financially during the crisis, sets up hotlines for domestic abuse survivors, and provides quarantine refuge facilities for at-risk women and children.

We are suggesting a minimum donation of £20 for each Live Stream event you tune into. We are a charity entirely funded by donations, that help us continue our work worldwide. You can also become a monthly donor to make an ongoing contribution to our efforts and allow us to sustain our programmes. Find out more here.

Please note that our system requires your card details to process your booking, but you will not be charged unless you choose to make a donation. We appreciate this is a challenging time financially for many people, so if you can’t afford to support us at this time, you are welcome to sign up without making a donation at this point in time.


Virtual events series


Our series of weekly virtual events is raising funds for our emergency UN Women Covid Response Fund.

During the ongoing COVID crisis, UN Women has been working alongside the WHO to ensure that women’s needs are heard, and that they receive the protection they need at this time. Women have been profoundly affected by COVID-19: they are disproportionately represented among healthcare workers, unpaid carers, and as victims of domestic violence. All these groups are facing increased pressure as a result of social isolation and the public health crisis. Now, we’re moving quickly to make sure the rights of women and at-risk groups are protected and strengthened in the new normal.

This virtual fundraiser series aims to spotlight various challenges faced by women during this time, but also to spread a positive message about how we can stay united and keep each other safe.

All our virtual events will be held on Zoom. Once you sign up to this event, you will receive the relevant dial-in details by email.