Help make our public spaces safe

International Women’s Day is about change. In 2022, make a real difference by helping make our public spaces safe.

On 10th March 2021, we released a report revealing the prevalence of sexual harassment across the UK – only 3% of 18-24 year-olds had told us they weren’t being harassed. This data was made up of your stories, of what you’ve experienced, and it was shared so many times that it reached over 1 Billion people online.

In the past year, you have helped UN Women UK’s small charity team shape a national conversation, and your ideas have already started making change at music festivals, with taxi companies, and in online spaces. Now, as International Women’s Day approaches, it’s not just a time for celebration – it’s a time for change. 

Will you pledge your support to our crowdfunder, and help us make spaces across the UK safe for the next generation?

Over the past year, over 3,000 of you helped us design tools that will make our public spaces safe for good, which we’ve brought to life with the help of global experts, counsellors and psychologists.

Now, UN Women UK wants to start by training 10,000 people and 100 businesses across the UK. That’s enough for everyone in London, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh to know someone who has been trained. 

We’re empowering people across the UK to combat sexual harassment and violence in public spaces, because research has shown that behavioural change is the most effective way to prevent violence.

If we can raise £25,000 between 8th and 16th March, every penny will be matched by The Big Give, so donations will be DOUBLED.

This is a huge opportunity for us to raise funds critically needed to prevent violence and make safe spaces a reality. UN Women UK is funded by donations from people like you, and we’re a small team making big change happen. That change is because of your passion and dedication. 

This International Women’s Day, do more than just share a photo.

Make your pledge here