APPG for UN Women

Here you will find the ‘home’ of our All-Party Parliamentary Group for UN Women.

This APPG will provide a parliamentary platform to address the urgent need to take action to mitigate the disproportionate burdens carried by women and girls, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN Women UK acts as the Secretariat for this APPG, launched in September 2020. On this page, we’ll be posting Terms of Reference, minutes from the APPG meetings, and opportunities to take part in our research and consultations.

The APPG’s objectives are to drive policy change and bring stakeholder groups together to take action in pursuit of three goals:

1. Design game-changing solutions for women’s safety in cities and public spaces across the UK.

2. ‘Build back better’ for women and girls in the UK post-COVID-19, based on UN Women’s global recommendations.

3. Accelerate progress on gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK in the lead up to their deadline of 2030.

Coming up

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 18th November, and our first public meeting will be in January.