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What is Arts Week?

HeForShe Arts Week is a unique opportunity for art and cultural institutions worldwide to support the goal of gender equality. Influencing culture is an important part of achieving a gender-equal world. In partnership with artists and art institutions, we can help shape the behaviours, norms and perceptions around gender.

A global event

HeForShe Arts Week is celebrated annually across the globe, starting on International Women’s Day (March 8th). In 2017, Arts Week events took place simultaneously in London, New York, Paris, Madrid, Bangkok, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Panama City. In London, we hosted more than 40 events, and had a audience of 10,000 people. Throughout this exciting week of awareness and action, partner institutions – including ballets, operas, cinemas, West End shows, music concerts, galleries and museums – raise awareness about gender equality and donate a percentage of proceeds to UN Women’s work.

How you can get involved

We are in the process of creating Arts Week 2018 (March 8th-March 15th) and would love you to participate. If you’re interested in HeForShe, UN Women’s solidarity movement for gender equality, and want to get involved in Arts Week, please contact us at

A sneak peak at Arts Week 2018

Highlights from Arts Week 2017

What is HeForShe?

HeForShe is UN Women’s solidarity movement for gender equality. HeForShe mobilises people of every gender identity and expression as advocates for gender equality, and acknowledges the ways that we all benefit from this equality.

Where are we now? 

HeForShe is changing the traditional gender equality narrative to 
be more inclusive, recognising that gender equality benefits everyone. HeForShe invites individuals to take part in the gender equality movement in support of the women in their lives, but also as individuals who stand to benefit in a gender equal world. HeForShe is working to unpack and shed light on gender equality issues, especially gender stereotypes and assumptions, that are damaging to all genders.

Count Me In


The #CountMeIn social media campaign is all about showing people that you stand on the right side of history. So far, over 1.6 million individuals, including heads of state, CEOs and global luminaries have made the HeForShe commitment. By making the HeForShe commitment and encouraging others to do the same via social media, we are creating a visible force for gender equality. We are making it cool to care. 

HeForShe is looking for the authentic voices of advocates who connect with these issues on a personal level and recognise that by lending their voice to HeForShe, they can affect change by inspiring others to join the movement.

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